Welcome to Healthetarian!

The challenge to lead a healthy lifestyle becomes harder everyday. From our fast-paced life full of work to fast food restaurants that surround us, the challenge only gets tougher. On top of that, we are attacked by the irresponsible acts of some “experts” and paid ads in newspapers and TV channels that throw at us a massive amount of false information about health, diet pills and working out, all for the sake of pure marketing, regardless of the efficacy or side effects.

Therefore, as a health-care professional, I decided that it’s time to stop this nonsense. It is time for everyone to have a reliable source of health-related information. A place where they can find practical and real solutions and answers. It is time for Healthetarian.

Healthetarian is your FREE source when it comes to health and well-being. Our scope is not just fitness and diet, but also extends to cover herbal medicine, skin-care, weight loss and everything related to healthy lifestyle. But that’s not all, Healthetarian is where you can share your thoughts, experiences and ideas with others as well as the staff of Healthetarian.

Healthetarian is free and will always be free. We’ll never ask you to buy anything, we don’t promote anything. We simply share and exchange  our knowledge for the benefit of everyone.

Healthetarian is the place to be. It’s not just a blog. It’s the Healthy Philosophy of Life.


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